This collection is an emalgamation of a number of collections and my upgrading over the last 20 years thru my personal input and my access to international fishermen and dealers small and large from around the world.

Firstly, I started collecting when I was 7 years old raised in an idyllic seaside location in Northern N.S.W. with my daily walks along the beach before school and with access to some nice local headlands my all species collection started to grow. Then my parents became interested and it became very competitive within the family and with their interest, we started accumulating world species thru exchange as we were getting nice local deep water specimens from the fishing boats (Conus advertex, rufimaculosus, sculleti, angasi) and my uncle who was working in New Guinea at the time started collecting also so we were exchanging with him (Conus mitratus, cylindraceus, mucronatus, aulicus, canonicus etc.) and the collection was expanding rapidly. My parents also tripped around Australia three times, this would have been in the late 60's when collecting was not so widespread and collected many beaut specimens from North Queensland and Western Australia (Conus thevenardensis, nielsenae, victoriae etc.).

I was off to work in Sydney in 68 and thus lost interest and was more interested in making money and other teenage pursutes. My parents carried on collecting for the next 20 years until I regained my interest and they passed the collection on to me. With the collection came numerous large boxes of spares so I did a website design course and the dealing and collection improvement became my new passtime over this last 20 years.

The collection, 970-1100 specimens and 300+ species. Drawers 9 and 10 not filled because I rearranged and moved specimens to 11 to accomodate more and more textile species variations. I hope you like the collection as I think it is world class with the majority of specimens being F+++/Gem as being a dealer also has allowd me to save the better quality specimens.

The drawer sizes that will allow you to determine shell sizes - 660mm long (across the front) x 425mm wide and the depth varies to accomodate shell size.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Rob West


Cones Drawer1

Cones Drawer2

Cones Drawer3

Cones Drawer4

Cones Drawer5

Cones Drawer6

Cones Drawer7

Cones Drawer8

Cones Drawer9

Cones Drawer10

Cones Drawer11

Cones Cabinet - right hand side and bottom left



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