CORALLIOPHILIDAE (Coral Shells, Latiaxis)

Some amazingly beautiful specimens amongst this family of approx. 200 species. The Coral Shells tend to be shallow water dwellers living on coral reefs and the Latiaxis like the deeper waters with most shells being netted or trawled by fishing boats.


Rapa rapa - 69mm, F+++, Western Australia, $20


Rapa rapa - 65.3mm, F+++, Western Australia, $20


Babelomurex yumimarumai. - 20mm, F+++, $30


..Babelomurex fruticosus - 25mm, F+++, $20



Coral Shells
Rapa rapa - 82mm, F+, North Queensland, uncommon. Found embedded in soft corals (parasitic host).Very unusual shell from the Muricidae Family. $7 sold
Coralliophila erosa - 33mm, F+++, Vietnam. $8
Coralliophila costularis - 30mm, F+++, Mozambique. $6
Coralliophila costularis - 37mm, F+++, Mozambique. $8
Coralliophila costularis - 33mm, F+++, Philippines. $6
Coralliophila bulbiformis - 26mm, F+++, Philippines. $7
Coralliophila violacea - 26mm, F++, Vietnam. $5
Coralliophila neritoidea - 18mm, F++, Marshall Islands. $5
Coralliophila monodonta - 26mm, F+++, Hawaii. $5
Coralliophila sp. - 26mm, F+++, Philippines. $5

Latiaxus marwae - 59mm, F+++, Queensland. $40


Latiaxus marwae w/o - 51.3mm, F++, Taiwan. Very unusual Latiaxis, very collectable because of shell sculpture. $30


Latiaxus marwae - 30mm, F++, Taiwan. $15
Latiaxis kiranus w/o - 46.8mm, F+++, China. $25
Latiaxis fearnleyi - 43mm, F+++, Philippines. Has a mauve tinge to the color and mauve mouth.$15
Latiaxis lischkeanus - 36mm, F+++, Philippines. $15
Latiaxis idoleum - 34.9mm, F+++, China. $10
Latiaxis japonicus - 29mm, F+++, Philippines. $15

Babelomurex cristatus - 32mm, F+++, Philippines $20


Babelomurex pagodus - 32.8mm, F+++, Philippines $20


Babelomurex armatus - 33.3mm, F+++, Philippines, uncommon. Cream/brown color form. $25
Babelomurex armatus - 32mm, F+++, Philippines, uncommon. Another beautiful little specimen. $20
Babelomurex armatus - 30mm, F+++, Philippines. $25
Babelomurex princeps - 30mm, F+++, Philippines. $30
Babelomurex princeps- 30mm, F+++, Philippines. $30
Babelomurex takahashii - 30mm, F+++, Philippines. $30
Babelomurex yumimarumai - 32mm, F+++, Philippines. $25
Babelomurex wormaldi - 19mm, F+++, Philippines. $25
Babelomurex fruticosus - F++, Philippines. Unusual color and. $15
Babelomurex takahashii - 25.5mm, F++. Beautiful candy pink coloring. $20
Babelomurex echinatus - 17.5mm, F+++, Philippines. Another beautiful little specimen with candy pink coloring. $30

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