A very beautiful and interesting small family with only twelve members. Tibia fusus is one of the most spectacular marvels of shell creativity with its exceptionally long spindle shaped posterior canal.


Tibia fusus - 220mm, Gem-, Philippines - $20


Tibia martini - 152mm, F++, India. $20

Tibia insulaechorab - 170mm, F+++, Red Sea. $30 BIG BEAUTY!!!

Tibia curta - 141mm, F+++, India. $12

Tibia powisi - 57mm, F+++, Queensland. $8

Tibia powisi - 56mm, F+++, Queensland. $8


Tibia powisi - 58mm, F+++, Philippines. $8 sold
Rimella cancellata - 30mm, Gem, New Guinea, uncommon. $4



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