Pink Tourmaline


Orange Saphire

The beauty of colored gemstones has fascinated and entranced people from the beginnings of civilisation. INTERNATIONAL GEMS are suppliers of beautiful fine quality investment gemstones, and gemstone rough (uncut) of every type except diamond. We have a brilliant collection of Australian faceted saphires in an amazing range of colors and style cuts as well as faceted rubys, spinel, citrine, zircons, garnets, topaz, tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine and beryl.

INTERNATIONAL GEMS uses the expertise of our very talented master facetor to produce the finest quality gemstones using some exquisite "fancy" cuts as well as all the conventional gemstone cuts like brilliant, emerald and cushion.

Our master facetor will cut your rough if required.

INTERNATIONAL GEMS only sells and uses natural gemstones, artificial or man made stones are never used or sold.

INTERNATIONAL GEMS recommends that buyers purchase our stones as we guarantee all our stones are natural and are the advertised carat weight and size and again state that our stones have been cut by a master faceter ensuring the utmost quality to retain their investment potential.

Be sure and view our special collection of jewellery boxes with matching photo frames made from gems from the sea - mother of pearl, shell opal, pen shell etc. they are very classy and I am sure after seeing them you will have to have one of these pieces in which to store your personal jewellery treasures.


If you want to be noticed or you want something stunning to wear I am sure we can provide a beautiful gemstone or piece of jewellery to satisfy your special needs.



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