Museum quality all Australian collection with typed data tags - 3,000+ specimens including wall mounted crabs, lobster and starfish plus 3 beautiful turtle shells (450-900mm). Please contact for details?


Zoila thersites contraria


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I love the tropics!!!

The Indo/Pacific region covers a vast area from the East coasts of Africa and Asia to the West coasts of North and South America. This area encompasses thousands of islands and continental habitats where over 80,000 marine mollusc species live.

I am a worldwide supplier of quality specimen seashells and land shells from this region and I have been collecting, exchanging and selling specimens for 48 years so this site is another facet of the hobby I love.

I collect the main families and a few minor ones also - Cowries, Cones, Volutes, Murex, Strombs, Angaria, Latiaxis, Spondylus and Pecten.

Because this website is a one man show, I would ask you to please be patient, this is not a business and therefore I do not have staff to answer emails, research data, fill orders, pack and post, so at times there will be delays when I am trying to juggle my life as well. I do attempt to answer all emails and try to fill all orders but I do apologise for any emails or orders missed, it is not intentional.

If I miss you for any reason please dont take it personally and get annoyed it is not deliberate and I dont mean to offend, life just gets too busy for me.





Pleurotomaria rumphi

Conus textile scriptus - 46.5mm, F+++, $15

Please compare my prices, as I try and price my specimens below the normal catalogue price. I have a money back guarantee on all my shells and can provide digital photos on my uncommon/rare specimens.

I hope you enjoy the website and find something of interest to enhance your collection.

Bassina disjecta - 55mm, F+++, $30


See Venus Clams Page


Papuina pulcherrima

See Land Snail page below

Amphidromus phamanhi (sinistral) - 44mm, F+++, Vietnam, $15

See Land Snail page below




Beautiful investment quality gemstones.



The Amazon rainforest is being cut down - these magnificent creatures are losing their habitat and their lives.

Poachers are killing our magnificent African animals.


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