BULLIDAE (Bubble Shells) & Related Families

A small Family of approximately 30 species with inflated oval or round shells, some being paper thin and very fragile. They are shallow water dwellers and the animals of some of the species are stunningly beautiful being a delicate light pink color with a light blue frilly edge.

Hydatina albocincta - 44mm, F+++. $6


Bulla ampulla? - 60mm, F+++, South Africa. $7
Bulla ampulla? - 60mm, F+++, South Africa. $7
Bulla tenuissima - 55mm, F+++, South Australia. $5
Bulla amygdalla? - 60mm, F+++, Mediterranean. $5
Bulla occidentalis - 50mm, F+++, Florida. $4
Bulla occidentalis - 52mm, F++, Florida. $2

Hydatina albocincta - 48mm, F+++. $7


Atys naucum - 40.5mm, Gem-, Queensland. $10


Hydatina physis - 33mm, Gem-, Southern Queensland. Nice dark specimen. $9


Bulla punctulata. - 38mm, F+++, Queensland. $3
Bulla adamsi - 34mm, F++, Great Barrier Reef. $2
Aplustrum amplustre - 18mm, F+++, Queensland. $5
Hydatina physis - 23mm, Gem-, New SouthWales. Dwarf specimens. $2
Aliculastrum cylindricum - 23mm, Gem-, Queensland. $3
Bullina lineata - 6mm, Gem, New SouthWales. $12



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