An attractive bivalve Family with approx. 150 species. The shells are quite delicate coming in a range of colors and patterns. They are mostly shallow water dwellers and therefore are easy to collect.

Sunray Tellin


Tellina alfredensis - 70mm, F++, South Africa, $3


Tellina pharaonsis - 57mm, F++, Queensland, $6



Tellina remies - 97mm, F++, Fiji. $12


Tellina chloroleuca - 74mm, F++, Great Barrier Reef. $8
Tellina chloroleuca - 56mm, F++, Great Barrier Reef. $4
Tellina tongana - 81mm, F++, New Guinea. $7
Tellina foliacea - 74mm, F++, Philippines Delicate shell, beautiful coloring. $4
Tellina virgata - 62mm, F++, North Queensland. Delicate shell with beautiful sunray pattern. $3
Tellina unimacullata - 60mm, F+++,Caribbean. $5
Tellina radiata - 49mm, F+++, Caribbean. $5
Tellina scobinata, 58mm, F++, Fiji. Unusual form from this family. $6
Tellina victoriae - 48mm, F++, South Australia. $3
Tellina albinella - 51mm, F++, South Australia. Beaut delicate bright pink specimen. $3
Tellina exulta - 52mm, F++, Great Barrier Reef. $5
Tellina pharaonsis - 48mm, F++, North Queensland. Another delicate shell with this extreme example of Tellin shape. $3
Tellina perna - 44.5mm, F++, Queensland. Nice lemon exterior with bright lemon interior. $3
Tellina inflata, 40mm, F++, Fiji. $3
Tellina inflata, 47mm, F+++, Northern Territory. $5
Tellina capsoides, 47mm, F++, Queensland. $2
Tellina edgari - 39mm, F+++, New Zealand. $3
Tellina victoriae - 40mm, F+++, South Australia. $2
Tellina verrucosa, 37mm, F++, Great Barrier Reef. $6
Tellina ovalis - 35mm, F+++, Great Barrier Reef. $3
Tellina ovalis - 33mm, F+++, Great Barrier Reef. $3
Tellina palatam - 33mm, F+++, Fiji. $5



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