MACTRA (Mactridae) and DONAX (Donacidae) CLAMS

Approx. 100 species in the Mactra Family and 65 species in the Donax Family. Most are shallow water dwellers living on tidal sand flats and consequently being easy to obtain are a popular food source in some countries.


Mactra Clams
Scissodesma spengleri - 103mm, F+++, South Africa. $6
Mactra glabrata- 107mm, F++, South Africa. $4
Mactra pura- 70mm, F++, South Australia. $4
Mactra rufescens - 62mm, F+++, New South Wales. $4
Mactra contraria - 60mm, F+++, New South Wales. $4
Mactra discors- 58mm, F+++, New Zealand. $3
Coleomactra antiquata - 54mm, F+++, China. $4
Mactra abbreviata - 53mm, F+++, Queensland. $4
Mactra queenslandica - 51mm, F+++, Queensland. $5
Mactra turgida - 52mm, F+++, Queensland. $3
Spisula aequilateralis - 46mm, F++/F+++, New Zealand. $4
Donax Clams
Donax sera - 65mm, F++, South Africa. $5
Donax deltoides - 53mm, F++, New South Wales. Common tidal sand dweller used in the past by our aboriginals for food. $3
Donax cuneatus - 33mm, Gem-, North Queensland. $3
Donax panamensis - 26mm, Gem, Panama. $3
Donax panamensis - 27mm, Gem, Panama. $4
Hecuba scortum - 60mm, F+++, Thailand. Beautiful light mauve color. $8
Hecuba scortum - 42mm, F+++, Vietnam. $6
Mesodesma Clams
Paphies subtriangulata - 65mm, F+++, New Zealand. $2
Paphies glabrata - 24mm, F+++, Queensland. $1



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