This is a very interesting Family with approx. 150 species. It has some of the most beautiful and some of the most unusual specimens. They come in a range of shapes colors, patterns and sizes and most can be found in the intertidal zone so are easy to collect. The big Charonia tritonis below is a stunning specimen growing to around 300mm - it is now prohibited from being taken because it is the species eating the Crown of Thorns starfish which are destroying our coral reefs.


Charonia tritonis - 190mm, $25 (specimens to 300mm available)

Fusitriton magellanicus w/o - 118mm, F+++, $35


Fusitriton gallea w/o - 118mm, F++, $25 sold


Cymatium perryi - 130mm, F+++, India, $30

Cymatium perryi - 123mm, F+++, India, $30

Pronounced Shoulder humps, Very Unusual!!!

Cymatium parthenopium - 102mm, F+++, $20 ,,MONSTER SIZE!!! sold


Charonia lampas rubicunda- 150mm, F++, New South Wales. Nice big specimen. $25


Cymatium pyrum - 119mm, F+++, Philippines.$25


Cymatium pyrum - 61mm, F+++, Queensland.$8
Ranella olearia - 113mm, F++, South Africa. $15
Cymatium pileare - 114mm, F+++, India. $12
Cymatium aquatile - 111.5mm, F+++, New Guinea. $20
Cymatium aquatile - 78mm, F+++, Philippines. $8
Cymatium aquatile - 53mm, F+++, Indonesia. $5
Cymatium lotorium - 110mm, F+++, East Africa.$15 sold
Argobuccinum tumidum - 96.6mm, F++, Tasmania. $15 sold
Cymatium testudinarium - 96mm, F+++, Philippines.$15
Cymatium testudinarium - 66.5mm, F+++, Philippines. $8
Cymatium grandimaculatum - 94mm, F+++, Philippines.$9 sold
Cymatium grandimaculatum - 55mm, F+++, Philippines.$6 sold

Cabestana spengleri - 89mm, F++ (no scars), New South Wales. (endemic)$15 sold


Cabestana spengleri - 84.5mm, F++ (no scars), New South Wales. $10

Cabestana spengleri - 78mm, F+++, New South Wales. $8


Cabestana spengleri - 78mm, F++ (no scars), New South Wales. (endemic)$8
Cabestana spengleri - 51mm, F++, New South Wales. These smaller specimens must be males as they are adult shells and always found with the bigger more elongated specimens. $8
Cabestana spengleri - 76mm, F++, New South Wales. (endemic)$10 sold
Fusitriton magellanicus - 105mm, F++, South Australia. Trawled 500mts. $9 sold
Cymatium echo w/o - 86.5mm, F+++, China. $8
Ranella australasia - 86.5mm, F++, Western Australia. $10 sold
Ranella australasia - 84mm, F++, New South Wales. $10
Argobuccinum pustulosum - 80mm, F+++, South Africa. $10 sold
Cymatium perryi - 75mm, F+++, Sri Lanka.$15 sold
Linatella caudatum - 76.6mm, F++(no scars), Philippines. $10
Linatella caudatum - 45.9mm, F++(no scars), Philippines. Unusual double lip skirt. $12
Linatella caudatum - 53.7mm, F+++, China. $10
Cabestana africana - 69mm, F+++, South Africa.$20 sold
Cymatium tripus - 65mm, F+++, India.$8
Cymatium pfeifferianum - 55mm, F+++, Queensland.$12
Argobuccinum argus - 47mm, F+++, South Africa. (endemic) $8

Distortio anus - 66mm, F+++, New Guinea. $10


Distortio decipiens - 66mm, F++, Philippines. $6
Distortio reticulata - 60mm, F+++, Queensland. $8
Distortio francesae - 46mm, F++, Philippines. $12
Distortio perdistorta - 59mm, F+++, Philippines. $15
Distortio perdistorta - 53.6mm, F+++, Philippines. $12

Cymatium gutturnium - 75.5mm, F+++, Philippines. $10


Cymatium sarcostomum - 73mm, F+++, Philippines. $12
Cymatium sarcostomum - 60.5mm, F+++, Philippines. $10

Cymatium encausticum - 59.5mm, F++(minor faults only), Philippines. $6

Cymatium sinense - 57mm, F+++, Queensland. $10

Cymatium nicobaricum - 56.5mm, F+++, New Guinea. $6
Cymatium nicobaricum - 44.6mm, F+++, New Guinea. $5
Cymatium gemmatum - 57mm, F+++, New Guinea. $8 sold
Cymatium muricinum - 45.5mm, F+++, New Guinea. $8
Cymatium muricinum - 44mm, F+++, Fiji. $8
Biplex pulchrum (Kookaburra Shell) - 44mm, F+++, Queensland. $12
Cymatium tenuiliratum - 44.9mm, F+++, Philippines. $12
Cymatium tenuiliratum - 43mm, F+++, Philippines. $12
Cymatium tenuiliratum - 40mm, F+++, Philippines. $8
Linatella succincta - 43mm, F+++, Indonesia. $12
Cymatium dolarium - 41mm, F+++, South Africa. $12 sold
Cymatium rubeculum - 34.5mm, F+++, New Guinea. $8
Cymatium rubeculum - 32mm, F+++, New Guinea. $8
Cymatium flaveolum - 47mm, F+++, New Guinea. $12
Cymatium sp. - 38mm, F+++, New Guinea. $20
Cymatium hepaticum - 39.6mm, F+++, Philippines. $8
Cymatium hepaticum - 39mm, F+++, Philippines. $8
Cymatium klenei - 40mm, F+++, South Africa. $15
Cymatium vespacium - 37mm, F+++, Philippines. $8
Cymatium exaratum - 37mm, F++, Queensland. $7
Cymatium mundum - 28mm, F+++, New Guinea. $7
Gyrineum fuscocostata - 32mm, F+++, Philippines. $4
Gyrineum natator - 32.5mm, F+++, Indonesia. $6
Gyrineum bituberculare - 30mm, Gem-, Indonesia. $6
Gyrineum gyrinum - 30mm, Gem, Philippines. $3
Gyrineum pusillum - 20mm, Gem-, Queensland. $4
Gyrineum lacunatum - 24mm, F+++, Queensland. $10

Gyrineum roseum. - 12mm, Gem, Philippines. $8


Sassia semitorta - 46.5mm, F+++, Philippines. $6
Sassia semitorta - 52.2mm, F+++, Philippines. $6
Sassia eburnia - 22mm, F+++, Victoria. $8
Sassia sexcostata - 19mm, Gem, South Australia. $8

Cymatium sp. - 19mm, F+++, New Guinea. $20


Cymatium sp. - 19.3mm, F+++, New Guinea. $20




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